What does Refill/No-refill mean?

Refill : Services that mentioned with Refill, it means it has a guarantee in that period you can refill your order once.(once in 30-60,... days)

No-Refill : Services that mentioned with No Refill won't refill if they dropped, and it is possible to drop anytime, Any number. It has not guarantee

In service name mentioned Max 8K but in max order is 10K. Which one is the right Max order number?

If the Max number in "Name" column is not the same as the "Max order" number, The one which is fewer is the right number, Maybe sometimes this problem occur

When my service will start after my order?

Most Services will start Instantly, but we didn't mention because we do not want to promise, so you should count on 6 to 24 Hours until the service start

Can i order from another website while i have a Open Process in Neofollower?

Please Don't order Before the Completion in our website, It Doesn't matter In this website or other website, You should wait until the service completion

I don\'t want to order on this website anymore, can you send my money back to my website?

Please Add balance the amount of money you want to use in our Website, Financial tasks are complicated, Thus, we don't send your balance back to your card/wallet.